Graduate Program

Postgraduate Program for Academic Degree

Postgraduate Program for Academic Degree 1. Educational ObjectivesThe educational objectives are to cultivate high-quality talents who:· can teach, do scientific research, design and manage in the electrical engineering or relevant fields;· possess solid basic theories and a wide range of professional knowledge;· master a foreign language expertly;· grasp the updating news of the theoretical re...


Doctor Degree Program

​Postgraduate Program for Doctor Degree in Chongqing University  Electrical Engineering  1. Educational Objectives1) Graduate cultivation should fully implement the party''s education policy, face the main battlefield of the national economy, and cultivate morally, intellectually and physically developed advanced professional talents who are dedicated to socialist modernization2) The objective...


Professional Degree Program

Postgraduate Program for Full-time Professional Degree in Chongqing University School of Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering(430108) The Final Draft 1. IntroductionElectrical Engineering (EE) is the core and key discipline in modern science and technology field, and it studies the phenomena, law and applications of electromagnetic. With the development of design and manufacture of ele...


Graduate Program for Foreign Students

Chongqing University Graduate Program Of Courses Offered in English for Foreign StudentsMajor:       Electrical Engineering    Major  Code:    430108                      School:  School of Electrical Engineering         Graduate School of Chongqing University2012.9    1. Objectives The program aims to prepare students for careers in the fields of Electrical Engineering to meet the increasing...