Final of the “Electrician's Cup” Basketball Match of SEE was Successfully Held

On March 10th, 2022, the final of the “Electrician Cup” basketball match was held in the basketball court next to the Clock tower at Campus A of Chongqing University. Class 1906 and Class 1908 of undergraduate stood out from 16 classes and competed for the final champion. Wu Jia, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Luo Min, Director of Student Affairs Office, Wang Xiang, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, Yu Hui, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the school, Yang Chunhua, graduate instructor and Chen Sisi, undergraduate instructor of Class 2019 attended the final and cheered for the players.

Wu Jia served as the main referee of this competition. Before the match, Wu Jia explained the basic rules of the match to the referees and players, emphasized the sportsmanship of “friendship first, competition second”, and reminded the players to avoid violent conflicts during the match and pay attention to the safety of both themselves and the opposing players. After fierce competition, the score finally fixed for 39:36, class 6 finally won the victory of the game!

At the end of the match, Wu Jia and Luo Min presented prizes to the champion and runner-up teams, and congratulated the winning team. They encouraged the players of both sides to keep working hard and bring sportsmanship to the study and life.

Reviewing the whole activity, the spirit of “basketball never extinguishes” ignited the enthusiasm of students to participate in sports, and also cultivated the collective sense of honor. In the competition, the students enhanced their friendship and teamwork ability, showing the unity and enterprising spirit of the youth.