Post-90s Doctoral Supervisor at Chongqing University Makes Graphene “sound”

Recently, a study on graphene conducted by Tao Luqi, a professor from the School of Electrical Engineering of Chongqing University, has attracted attention. His research focused on graphene used in non-traditional fields which has invented sensors that can sense temperature, humidity, strength and other environmental information and convert them into electrical signals. By designing graphene to achieve the most sensitive perception of the throat, it can help the deaf and dumb people "speak" and communicate with others.

Though only at the age of 31, Tao is now a doctoral supervisor. In 2018, when the Collaborative Innovation Center for Energy Internet and Intelligent Equipment of Chongqing University established, Tao Luqi was specially invited to Chongqing University to conduct research on new micro/nano materials and micro/nano sensing technology. Till now, Professor Tao has supervised many postgraduates and doctoral students and is very popular among students. Tao uses his unique educational idea to require students to strive for research achievements in the meanwhile of keeping good heathy.