Stand Firm and Teach Well, Do the Best in Research and Talents Training-- Jiang Hui was Honored the “Most Popular Teacher” of Chongqing University

On June 19th, Chongqing University held the 10th “Most Popular Teacher among Students” activity at LA101, Science Building, Huxi Campus. A total of 15 teachers from 15 schools were selected and participated in the activity. Based on their own work experience and combined with the characteristics of each school, the teachers showed the spiritual outlook of the university. Jiang Hui, a teacher from School of Electrical Engineering won the title of the “most popular teacher” for her excellent performance and outstanding style.

Since taking part in the work, Jiang Hui has been bent over the front line of teaching, constantly strengthening her own learning and improving her professional ability. She has won the first prize in national and provincial level teaching competitions, won the 23rd Electrical Engineering Education Fund Award - Undergraduate Talent Training, and also served as the evaluation expert of teaching microdiagnosis for new teachers in Chongqing University. During her teaching work, Jiang Hui actively reflected and deeply explored, focusing on cultivating students’ feelings of family and country, sense of responsibility and spirit of hard struggle. In addition, she also thought deeply about the undergraduate talents training mode and participated in the formulation of undergraduate training plan of the school.

According to the voting results of the preliminaries and finals, Jiang Hui won the honor of the “most popular teacher” among students at the 10th activity! Let's congratulate Jiang Hui!