Wu Maoqiong received "Excellent Administrative Teacher" Award of 2020 Electrical Engineering Education Fund

2021-03-01 17:51

Wu Maoqiong, administrative staff of Postgraduate Education Office, School of Electrical Engineering

Awardee of the "Excellent Administrative Teacher" Award of 2020 Electrical Engineering Education Fund 

Wu has been working diligently in the administrative position for 40 years. She always sticks to her original aspiration and serves the development of the school and students education.

Since taking up the duty of postgraduate teaching administration, Wu has won the respect and love from all the teachers and students of the school for her full enthusiasm, serious working attitude and practical working spirit.

In the face of new challenges under the new situation, Wu dares to face up to the difficulties, constantly emancipates the mind, always be pioneering and innovative, showing her high professional quality and skills.

Her dedication to the administrative work contributed to the development of the entire school and made educational administration of the school extraordinary.